How to Get an Hourglass Body

What woman doesn’t dream of having the beautiful, feminine curves of Jennifer Lopez or Eva Mendes? While only a few of us are lucky enough to have been born with such a perfect body, the rest of us can either keep dreaming or do something about it! With the right diet and exercise you too can be on your way to having the figure you are after.

What is an Hourglass Body?

The hourglass figure is one of the most sought after by women around the world. While stick thin was in for quite a while during the nineties, the ‘noughties’ are all about being feminine and curvy. Think bootylicious Beyonce!

An hourglass figure refers to a body shape that is wider at the bust and bum with a narrow waist and legs. The key word is curves!

What Exercises and Diet Should I do to get an Hourglass Body?

Having the ideal hourglass body means that you are not too skinny and not too fat – you need to be perfectly proportioned in the middle. This can be quite difficult to achieve, and unless it comes naturally you will need to do a range of specific exercises and adjust your diet for the best results.

If you need to gain weight to get your perfect body then you need to concentrate on a weight gain diet plan that includes nutritious, high-calorie foods and muscle building workouts to ensure your food isn’t turned into fat.

To be able to put on weight you need to focus on muscle tone exercises rather than cardiovascular exercise. Cardio is essential for maintaining your health, but it will cause you to lose weight rather than put on weight. Muscle building workouts alongside a high protein, high calorie diet plan will result in fast muscle growth and weight gain success.

Try concentrating on exercises that target your upper thigh and buttock area – squats are great for this. You also need to work on making your stomach trim, so abdominal exercises are a must. Ab crunches and sit ups are simple and effective and you can do these in the comfort of your own home.

Improve your Posture

It’s amazing what a difference good posture can make to your body image. There’s no point perfecting your hourglass body if you’re not going to show it off with good posture!

Not only does good posture improve your overall body image but it also helps you to exude confidence!

If you don’t naturally have a large bust, then posture can make a real difference. Standing up straight with your chest pushed forward gives an illusion of a firmer, fuller bust and helps you to achieve that curvy look you desire. Good posture will also show off your waistline, which is often blurred by slouching.

If you don’t normally have good posture then you may find that your core muscles are weakened and you find it hard to maintain good posture for long periods of time. Through regular abdominal work, like what we mentioned above, you can achieve both a more toned stomach and improve your posture at the same time!

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