High Protein Diets and Weight Gain

For whatever reason you want to put on weight – whether it’s to make your college sports team or simply to improve your body image then you will need to know about protein to ensure weight gain success.

What is Protein?

Protein is an important part of every person’s diet – whether or not they are trying to gain weight or not. Protein consists of molecules that are broken down in the stomach into amino acids that are essential for the body and cannot be produced naturally without food.

Protein is particularly important when it comes to weight gain as the amino acids are essential for muscle growth and repair.

Importance of Protein in Weight Gain Diets

Protein is one of the most important parts of a bodybuilding professional’s nutrition and diet. Many bodybuilders find protein consumption to be the most efficient way to build muscle while losing fat.

Protein is the building block of fast muscle growth. Your muscles simply cannot grow without adequate amounts of protein in the body. To be able to put on muscle weight your muscles need to be torn and repaired, with protein and amino acids being the fuel required to facilitate the repair process.

If you are trying to put on muscle mass as opposed to trying to gain fat, then you will need to lose weight at the same time as building muscle weight. Protein is ideal for this situation as it helps in the muscle building process but high-protein foods are typically low in calories meaning you avoid putting on a lot of fat, which can disguise your new muscle tone.

How Much Protein Should I eat to Gain Weight?

Now the all important question is how much protein do you need to achieve your ideal weight? The answer unfortunately isn’t a simple one as everybody has different protein requirements.

You need to factor in a few different things, including what your weight gain goals are as well as what your current body shape is.

As a general rule it is advised that all adults eat approximately 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight each day – regardless of whether or not you are working out – if you want to gain weight.

This sounds like a lot of protein, which is why many people, especially bodybuilders’ use protein supplements and shakes to make it easier to get their recommended amount of protein.

High Protein Foods for Weight Gain Diets

So what foods should you be looking out for to get the maximum protein into your weight gain diet? Examples of good foods to include in your diet include: peanuts, soy, steak, chicken, fish and egg whites.

Adding these foods to your diet alongside a good muscle building workout regime is sure to lead you to weight gain success in no time!

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